Supplier Transparency

To us, it’s not just what we do, but who we do it with.

We’re obsessed with quality, wellness, and sustainability. That means what we source, who we source it from, and how it is produced is as important as anything else we do.

We consider our sourcing partners – many of whom have been with us for generations – as part of our family business. If they’re doing things the right way, we can rest easy knowing the end result will taste better and be better for our community of consumers, employees, and retailers.

For specific information on Cumberland’s compliance with State and Federal law, click here.


“Innovation means valuing new ideas, taking risks and embracing change while improving our products.”

Varinnia Gomes Technical Services/R&D since 2017

“Opportunity means creating a culture of inclusion and access for all. Immigrating from Guyana, the support I got at Cumberland over 55 years helped me achieve what many refer to as the ‘American Dream’.”

Ed Smith Graphics Team since 1968

“Sustainability means prioritizing environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and business practices.”

Derick Beckles Supply Chain since 2010

“We often emphasize the importance of collaboration, support, and unity within our organization and beyond. We strive to make a positive impact by supporting local initiatives, charities, and providing volunteer opportunities for employees.”

Claire Irizarry Human Resources since 2008

“Trust means maintaining the highest standards of ethical and legal behavior, and conducting business in a manner that inspires professionalism and confidence.”

Gregg Kander General Counsel since 2000

“A sweeter life means valuing well-being with a supportive and flexible work environment, enabling employees to balance their professional and personal responsibilities.”

Sara Hoskow Marketing since 2009