Leading the way in concentrated dairy and non-dairy products.

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Butter Buds provides many of the world’s leading food manufacturers with better-for-you concentrated flavors and ingredients. By perfecting the art and science of concentrated flavor technology, we help our partners create almost anything they can imagine.

Unlocking flavor technology.

From our state-of-the-art applications lab and pristine manufacturing facility, we work side-by-side with our customers to unlock exciting new flavors to create innovative products on the shelf.

Quality ingredients for quality products.

We take pride in the role we play within our customers’ products. Whether it’s vegan ice cream or crunchy snacks, our ingredients enhance products by offering rich taste and superior functionality.


Proudly serving food manufacturers around the globe.

Our concentrated dairy, plant-based, and specialty ingredients are preferred all over the world for their pure flavor, remarkable versatility and exceptional value.


“Innovation means valuing new ideas, taking risks and embracing change while improving our products.”

Varinnia Gomes Technical Services/R&D since 2017

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